Eventmanager Customer reviews WK Brasilia Table Top Kitchen Waste/Cosmetics Small Bin (Red):Eventmanager
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Customer reviews WK Brasilia Table Top Kitchen Waste/Cosmetics Small Bin (Red):Eventmanager

WK Published in September 24, 2018, 9:52 pm
Customer reviews WK Brasilia Table Top Kitchen Waste/Cosmetics Small Bin (Red):Eventmanager

Customer reviews WK Brasilia Table Top Kitchen Waste/Cosmetics Small Bin (Red):Eventmanager

Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Cilikanpian Prime

M C Reply to on 15 May 2016
Brilliant little bin. It is small but exactly what wanted for my remodelled bathroom - ideal for cotton pads and buds, nice chrome swing top lid and beige colour suits my bathroom perfectly.
Goodygumdrop Reply to on 5 November 2017
Bought for used tea bags. Ideal for us brits that love our cuppas and can't be arsed to walk to the kitchen bin with our spoon and squeezed out teabag. Cheap medium food bags to line the bin is ideal.
Retford67 Reply to on 23 March 2018
I love this little bin. I use it to throw away the cotton wool from taking my make up off, and for little bits and bobs of rubbish in the bedroom. I only have to empty it once a week and it is tidy and clean. It's really easy to clean out. I would definitely buy another one. It's a good quality item and I'm very satisfied.
Elle Reply to on 18 February 2018
Small bin perfect for the bathroom cabinet to avoid having stuff on the floor or on the sides in the bathroom. Bit more than I wanted to spend but I’ve been looking a while and hadn’t seen anything this simple to date so worth it to get what I was after. Nice quality, pretty sturdy and the swinging mechanism fits well.
DeanO Reply to on 14 March 2016
Looks great in the new streamlined bathroom. So much tidier and easy to use than our previous pedal version. Sits neatly in the corner of the counter top - you'd hardly know it was a bin. The silver swing top is bit on the light side and I worry that it may be too flimsy to withstand the barrage from two teenagers but only time will answer that one.
Jammyc Reply to on 26 April 2018
Great little bin! It is very small and definitely to place on a worktop ... wish Id read description properly instead of just looking at design! That said it is a great bin and looks good but for the size I feel a bit pricey.
Foxyglo Reply to on 1 November 2017
Arrived on time well packaged. Bought originally for the kitchen. The red did not match the coffee machine so decided to put in cloakroom. It is perfect for used makeup pads and empty loo rolls. Easy to clean. The silver swing bit was a little difficult to get on.
Little.Miss.Muffet Reply to on 30 August 2018
Great tiny little bin for use in the loo. Needed something small and inconspicuous and this worked perfectly. It is very lightweight, so it can be toppled over when using, but other than that its fine.
karen irvine
karen irvine Reply to on 7 August 2018
Chose it as looks nice use it for bedroom, cotton wool etc, the swing bit well attached easy to clean as smooth inside and out, very fast delivery.
Rascal Fan
Rascal Fan Reply to on 22 February 2018
Wonderful--I keep this next to my coffee machine and chuck all of my used capsules into it--holds lots and looks great on my counter top!
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