Eventmanager Customer reviews Midwest Club Basketball Ball - Tan, Size 5:Eventmanager
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Customer reviews Midwest Club Basketball Ball - Tan, Size 5:Eventmanager

Midwest Published in October 23, 2018, 1:28 am
Customer reviews Midwest Club Basketball Ball - Tan, Size 5:Eventmanager

Customer reviews Midwest Club Basketball Ball - Tan, Size 5:Eventmanager

Price:£8.69+ Free shipping with Priorcastleinnvictoria Prime

Russtafarian Reply to on 9 March 2017
Recently moved into a new flat and found we have an outdoor basketball court a two minute walk away.
Has been a number of years since I last played a competitive game, but decided to buy a cheap ball (size 7) so some friends and I can have fun game during the weekend. Much like any basketball price under a tenner, it's basically rubber... so whether you decide to buy this or a Spalding one, a Nike one, or another rubber ball... they're basically the same: dimpled rubber with grooves.
This inflated fine with a regular bicycle pump and ball adaptor. When used on the court, it's been fine: bounces well, has that 'rubber stickiness' to it when first i use, but it starts to wear-in after a game or two. (It doesn't feel 'warm' in comparison to the more expensive indoor/outdoor balls, but that should be obvious!) When not in use – aka stored at home – it hasn't lost any air or warped in shape.
The colour (tan) is quite bright – it's more orange than brown – which is kinda good if you want to play until the early evening, but i wasn't going to quibble over the ball colour when it's such a low price!
It's a good general outdoor basketball. If you have the cash to 'buy big' then do it, but this will be fine regardless!
Liberation Reply to on 23 October 2015
The product comes de-inflated and, as such, needed to be pumped full of air which I did. It hasn't gone down after two weeks and, as such, it seems like a pretty decent product for the price. I did not quite understand the size system, I probably would have been better served by a size or two larger but the size is OK for the purpose I have in mind.
Njtorchard Reply to on 29 January 2017
Keep pumping it up and it keeps going down a little!!!! Good size, seems like good quality but the fact it keeps going down is not good!!!
Colin Fish
Colin Fish Reply to on 17 July 2017
I got this for my son as a surprise gift and he's been delighted with it. He is getting used to the weight of the basketball over his football and wants to learn skills to play. Very happy!
Mr J T Cooper
Mr J T Cooper Reply to on 3 August 2018
If I could give this no stars I would! Keeps deflating within an hour of being pumped up! I’ve aired it up 3 times now. Would not at all recommend
otwlottie Reply to on 1 January 2018
It's spherical and orange and bounces well. I have bought it to stretch out my shoulder but if I wanted a great basketball - this I am sure would be it. Firm and round with bounce.
Mo Reply to on 3 December 2017
Bought this one for my dog and he loves it. Had it for quite a few months and he hasn't yet manged to get his teeth through it and when he does I will certainly buy another.
Mrs M
Mrs M Reply to on 11 August 2017
Good weight for a 9 year old boy - plenty bounce, good quality item and we've had great fun with it!
Bear in mind that it's delivered flat so you need a ball pump too!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 28 May 2018
Wish I had gone down sports direct. 2 for £6. This got punctured in no time.
M. Lovett
M. Lovett Reply to on 14 April 2018
Wonderful, my very small dog spends a lot of time trying to burst it. Not yet
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