Eventmanager Customer reviews Ikea Plastic Bag Dispenser, White, 58 x 51 x 1 cm:Eventmanager
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Customer reviews Ikea Plastic Bag Dispenser, White, 58 x 51 x 1 cm:Eventmanager

Ikea Published in October 23, 2018, 1:14 am
Customer reviews Ikea Plastic Bag Dispenser, White, 58 x 51 x 1 cm:Eventmanager

Customer reviews Ikea Plastic Bag Dispenser, White, 58 x 51 x 1 cm:Eventmanager

Price:£3.67+ Free shipping

Mochalatte Reply to on 18 April 2016
This is the "Variera" plastic bag dispenser from Ikea (still had the label attached!)
They cost £1.50 in Ikea, so a huge markup if you buy off Amazon - beware!

As a bag dispenser it is doing a decent job. It holds loads of plastic bags and allows you to pull them out of front or sides. It arrive flat-packed in true Ikea style - takes about 2 minutes to assemble and seems sturdy enough for the short term. I don't expect ti will last that long in daily use though - which I wouldn't have minded if I hadn't paid £5.47 for it!

I would buy the one form Ikea instead, and save yourself some cash.
Gemma Lou
Gemma Lou Reply to on 22 March 2016
Unless you have the tools to fix this to a wall of back of a door then I recommend you do not buy it. This is because the sticky things it comes with pretty soon end up with the bag dispenser on the floor. The first time this happen I nearly jumped out my skin so at least I got some fun out of it.

I have now switched to bags for life which are more durable than a regular plastic bag and are too large to fit in this container anyway.
Kirstie Reply to on 6 October 2017
This was just the right size for what I wanted and you can get a lot of carrier bags into it. Unfortunately, it arrives flat packed, and when you clip it together the side just pings out again after a few minutes. It does not stay together at all so is pretty useless. I might try and tie it together somehow, but - disappointing. Needs longer clips.
danielle n.
danielle n. Reply to on 19 March 2018
Couldn't be bothered going to IKEA for one item, so ordered it here, despite huge price difference. Ideal for [annoying] gift wrap storage and we also have one for the dog's toys. There are so many possible uses for this product (see Pinterest) that it would have made a great prop on that improv comedy show, Whose Line Is It Anyway.
RED Reply to on 21 May 2017
Bigger than I expected (my fault for not reading dimensions) but actually fits really well inside my hall cupboard, and takes on board all my Tesco delivery bags (which can then be reused for my various collections of recycling)
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Reply to on 18 May 2018
Extremely easy to put together. The adhesive strips work well, but as an added precaution I did used screws for extra strength, as with all strips the glue will wear off over time and could come loose. Great product and value for money.
MummyS-J Reply to on 4 October 2017
This was bought to replace one exactly the same bought a long time ago. Hope it lasts as long.
Even the fittings are in the same place so I don't need to make any more holes in the wall!
zues Reply to on 24 March 2018
this plastic bag holder is a bit flimsy and fiddly,
and the sticky strip is not sticky enough for walls, you are better off using screws.
Kinda Reply to on 12 September 2016
What's more to say - it works. Cheap and cheerful and holds a reasonable amount of plastic bags. Given the new laws here in the UK, something like this should be in everybody's kitchen closet/wardrobe glued/taped onto the back of a door (it's so light that it doesn't need serious adhesives).
bethany fuller
bethany fuller Reply to on 15 May 2017
brought to store my wrapping paper and does the job for that. Now we dont have to go hunting for it.
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