Eventmanager Customer reviews Womens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walk Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black - 6 - 39 - CD0047:Eventmanager
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Customer reviews Womens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walk Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black - 6 - 39 - CD0047:Eventmanager

Get Fit
Get Fit Published in September 24, 2018, 10:09 pm
Customer reviews Womens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walk Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black - 6 - 39 - CD0047:Eventmanager

Customer reviews Womens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walk Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black - 6 - 39 - CD0047:Eventmanager

Price:£15.99+ Free shipping with Tudosobrediabetes Prime

morgan Reply to on 8 February 2015
Very happy with these trainers as I have a large foot and a wide foot too and they fit just fine! And not rubbish quality.
Lydia Reply to on 21 February 2017
My daughter used these for working a 12 hour shift which involved being on her feet apart from her break. They are true to size and comfy which also enables the feet to breathe with the mesh fabric. A great pair of lightweight trainers. Thanks
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 11 February 2017
having wide hobbit feet, it was a huge relief for me to find they actually fit. i especially like to little tag on the heel that helps me to hold onto them while i put them on.
S. A. Smith
S. A. Smith Reply to on 5 May 2017
After I received the first pair I ordered a second pair. These must be the lightest trainers I have ever worn, absolutely ideal for the gym and running and so comfortable it's like walking about in my slippers. And they look good. What's not to like.
Freja Reply to on 15 February 2018
Super easy to slip on, surprisingly good on snow and some ice. Doesn't get wet easily, despite it's design which was a nice surprise.
Pretty color scheme, not too out there as a lot of running shoes for some reason are.
Very comfy after the initial I'd say max two week adjustment period. Only issue I had in the beginning was the part of the shoe that touches my heel. hurt for a few days, then was fine. Just needed to be stretched out naturally through walking.

Amazing value for the price. Perfect for people with somewhat odd feet.
My feet are a size 6 wide and I have great difficulty finding shoes that fit, and if they fit, making sure that they last at least a few years. I burn through shoes, make holes in them I didn't think were possible in a year or less, so if you have difficult feet, give these a try.
Will try to modify review in a year to see how they've held up.
Mrs. Chadwick
Mrs. Chadwick Reply to on 30 July 2018
With being on a tight budget for the Summer months, I couldn’t afford to buy my usual brand of trainers, (I’ve been wearing Skechers since 2009, and worth every penny), and before that I wore own brand trainers, (from a well known supermarket, been shopping there for decades), so I thought I’d give these a try.

I decided on the all black trainers, which is one of the 13 colours in the “Get Fit” collection.

The trainers have breathable mesh uppers, are lace ups, outer material is synthetic, inner material is manmade, and they’ve a flat heel.

I bought these without reading any of the reviews. I always read the reviews, and this time I’m annoyed with myself for not doing so.

These were only delivered on the 23rd July 2018 and I didn’t start wearing them till the day after.

The only good point about these is the size. I’m a size 5 and I’d no problem with the fitting.

The first thing I noticed about the trainers is the top part of them, (outer material), is only glued to the base. They aren’t stitched, so that tells me if they get wet they’ll come apart, and if you use them daily basis I’m sure that will happen, (the glue they’ve used is pretty cheap), in fact you can see some of the glue stuck to the outer shoe. The only stitching I can see is on the both sides of the trainer tongue, (the laces go over that), which has been badly done.

Each trainer has been given two extra eyelets, those aren’t being used, as there’s no way I can walk in those fasten like that and the laces are of a poor quality.

The sole of the trainers are a nightmare. They look like they are made from a very cheap plastic foam, (no way is it that hard plastic/rubber it’s far too soft), it’s more like something you’d pack breakable items in! For instance my usual brand normally last me 1–1 ½ years, and that’s after being used on a daily basis for a 1½ hours dog walking, and being worn daily for another 3-4 hours a day.

I had a 20 minute dog walk on 24th, and on the 25th I’d a 40 minute dog walk.

I struggled to walk in them on the 24th, (20 minute walk), as the pavement was hot and I could feel the heat of the pavement through them, (that should NOT be happening). Therefore, when I got home I put a pair of my memory foam soles in them, so hopefully I wouldn’t be able to feel the heat, (I shouldn’t need to do that).

To make matters worse on the 25th, (after my 40 minute walk), I could still feel the heat of the pavement through the sole, and when I got home and took them off, I looked at the soles, not only had they become badly worn, the heat had started to melt part of one sole!!

Unfortunately, there is no support for your foot arch, so after walking in these for 30 minutes your feet start to ache and after 40 minutes I could barely walk in home in them, I’d to keep stopping and sit down on garden walls as my feet were in so much pain.

On the 26th, I decided to try these trainers for another 20 minute dog walk, now the entire sole on each foot is beginning to collapse.

Looking at the state of the soles you’d think these trainers had been worn for 3 months not just 80 minutes, (1hr and 10 minutes).

To be honest I’m going to be lucky if these last a month. I’m disgusted with both the materials and the workmanship.

These trainers are made in China and I don’t think from both my experience and other reviewers that any of them have been quality checked, or if they have they are poor checkers.

I can’t believe that so many people have given these 5 star!!

Well, they do say that you get what you pay for; these are not worth the £15.99, (at the time of writing my review), in fact there only worth £5 if that.

These are supposed to be for athletes who go running and walking, but if they can’t stand up to a gentle dog walker, who only walks on pavements, then I pity any athlete that buys these.

Update 20th August
After 30 hours of walking the dog on tarmac pavements the soles and heels had completely worn away, they went in the bin on the 17th August 2018. Worst footwear I've ever bought. considering they were bought on the 23rd July and not worn till the 24th July. Lasted just over 3 weeks. Completely disgusted, but I've learned my lesson, which is always read the reviews and don't buy anything cheap.
tadaweese Reply to on 15 March 2018
These were a lot lighter than I expected them to be which is good for carrying around but it did cause me to have some speculations about how well they would hold up. I should not have worried because so far these shoes have been perfectly fine, they offer enough support, are very comfy to wear and are very light weight making running a breeze. The ONLY problem i have with these trainers is that the laces are ELASTIC! You cant just pull them tight because the elastic means only the top cross over tightens. that's not to say they loosen while been worn because they DONT. they're just a pain to put on. I have switched them out for normal laces in white, not only does this look better but they are so much easier to tighten now.

Would buy again in a different colour.
Boycie Reply to on 30 September 2017
Have the slip on version of these ..... so so comfortable and for me to say that means a lot as I suffer with my feet so much, I gave wide feet also and these stretch with them. I just wish they did these in a high boot also.... perfect & cheap after all the £'s I have spent on shoes for work these are by far the very best (12 hour shifts on my feet)
Jacey Reply to on 28 September 2017
Great pair of trainers for kicking around in. Fit is perfect, bought a size 5. Good thick sole and very lightweight. Not sure if they'd stand up to running but my daughter keeps borrowing them for her dance class and they seem perfect for the job. May order another pair in a different colour as I think I've lost the black ones to her!
Rachel Reply to on 25 June 2017
Love these trainers! I have a collection of really bright Nike trainers with cool designs and have always wanted a black pair of Nikes, but couldn't bring myself to pay £70+ for a simple pair of black trainers. These shoes have a modern design with slim soles, which I think mimics the Nike look quite well. Fast delivery and great service. Highly recommend! Will buy in another colour for sure!
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